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June 6, 2012
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PKMC App - Felicia by BatLover800 PKMC App - Felicia by BatLover800

NAME: Felicia
NICKNAME: None yet.
AGE: 20
BIRTHDAY: July 13th
GENDER: Female
NATURE: Careful
HOMETOWN: Eterna City

HISTORY: Felicia was quite the rascal in her earlier years, always leading others astray and poking fun at everyone. She found it very amusing that people would dread her appearance, being the 'Disaster Pokemon' she was. Because of this, her favorite game was to 'cry wolf' and rush into town, claiming that a disaster of some sort was about to occur. Watching the people panic and prepare for the "oncoming" tragedy was amusing to her, and she cared not for the disapproving looks from others when the disaster turned out to be a hoax.

Eventually, the game wore off, and absolutely nobody would believe a word she said anymore. Angry that her favorite game was ruined, she decided to run away from home to find some other town to terrorize. On the way out however, Felicia came across a large house in the Eterna Forest. She recalled that tons of children in Eterna city would tell stories about pokemon going there and never returning, or how some pokemon came home with a curse on them. Figuring that she would have a field day pranking the people there, Felicia headed on into the Old Chateau.

After a few minutes of wandering through the seemingly-empty house, the Absol grew tired of being unable to find anyone to prank. It was then that she encountered a few of the various Gastly and Haunter of the building, and it was then that she decided to extend her stay. The ghosts never quite bothered her, but they remained wary of the child's presence.

They would give her a warning to leave, and she ignored it. They would warn her to stop knocking pictures off of the walls, and she did not listen. They would order to stop eating their food, and she would not heed a word. Soon the offenses grew bigger, as did the warnings. They would try to scare her away, maybe launch a false attack or two. But Felicia would not leave.

It wasn't until months later that they confronted her with their final warning. The Absol tried to pull her usual 'cry wolf' game on them by claiming that someone was going to set their home ablaze. It had been the final straw.

The ghosts claimed to have laid a tiny Curse on the absol. One that would teach her a lesson about respect and grace. Felicia's 'Disaster' name came true, as she would now be terrorized with bad luck wherever she went. She didn't believe them at first, but she began to notice that she was tripping over her own feet, any food that she went to retrieve would be mouldy, and she would end up cutting herself on dishes she broke.

Unbeknownst to her, the ghosts had simply been hoaxing all of that "bad luck" by tripping her and replacing good food with bad food. Afraid that the curse was real, Felicia hightailed it out of there with the strong mindset that she was bad luck. Since then she had dropped her prankster ways and became a tad soft-spoken. No matter where she went, it was always a place that she felt she would end up setting on fire or something. For the meantime, Felicia returned to her old home in Eterna, promptly locking herself up for a few years. She would very rarely go outside.

Eventually she came to the conclusion that she needed somewhere that seemed quiet, and practically disaster-free. Somewhere where she's less likely to hurt herself and others. A place that she could leave her house while feeling like she's not a health hazard.


HOBBY: Collecting trinkets that symbolize good luck.
JOB: Unemployed
FAVORITE FOOD: Chicken (or 'torchic' if you will)
ACCESSORIES: Turtleneck Sweater full of many good luck charms.

~ Thanks to her ghostly encounter, Felicia seems as though she is a two-legged calamity.
~~ Due to this she carries what she considers her 'best' good luck charms in her sweater -- a four-leaf clover, a buneary's foot and a horseshoe.
~ While she may be careful of nature, it doesn't mean that she's always successfully careful. She's bound to mess up a lot, even though she observes all over her surroundings before taking even one step.
~ Felicia has a habit of blowing her bangs out of her face. It drives her crazy. >:I
~ Felicia is unnaturally tiny. She resides at a height of 1'8'', about 2'1'' if her scythe is included.
~ Claims to be allergic to beedrill stings.
~ Felicia uses Rain Dance on occasions that she believes to be her worst luck days. (or when she's just really really upset.) She forms a rain cloud over herself to warn people stay away from her.

ABILITY: Pressure - increases foes' PP usage by one.
~ Taunt
~ Quick Attack
~ Bite
~ Rain Dance (TM)


Yup. I switched Aboo. :> No worries, though....she may just appear again. ;3
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