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August 23, 2012
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PKMN Armonia App - Ariana by BatLover800 PKMN Armonia App - Ariana by BatLover800
Okay, time to leave some other groups.


Name: Ariana Fonn

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Pokémon: Jolteon

Birthday: December 10th

Nature: Sassy

Ability: Volt Absorb

Hometown: Twinleaf Town

History: Hailing from Twinleaf Town, Ariana was one of those little girls that wanted to grow up too fast. She would do things such as *attempt to* read the paper, eat actual whole GRAIN toast, and yes, even tried to smoke cigarettes like her dad. She would go through her mother's closet and wear her giant fur coats and high heel shoes...She'd aspired to become an Espeon like her, too. And fast.

While her parents constantly tried getting the 9 year-old into blowing bubbles and playing with dollies and, hell, even race cars, Ariana would not let up in wanting to become a pretty lady, and this easily carried over into her teenager years. She'd started getting into make-up and "grown up" clothes that actually fit her. And although her ego had swelled tenfold, she still happily made trips to Veilstone for shopping with her mother, and the occasional stop by Jubilife to visit her father at his job. Ariana felt great! Though...

There was one thing missing. To this day she'd still wanted to become an espeon. She related them to beauty, and that's all she had wanted. By this point she'd become slightly less patient about waiting for evolution, and she still searched for ways to speed up the process. After all, her mother's only response to asking how she evolved was "It just happened." This had to happen now.

And well, it had in a way. One day, for Ariana's 15th birthday, her father had finally returned from her job with a present for her. Excitedly, the eevee opened it up. Inside the pleasantly wrapped box...

...A thunderstone. The eevee frowned, promptly asking her father what he meant by it.

"I...thought you wanted to evolve quicker. A stone is the fastest way for an eevee to evolve." He had replied. "This stone cost me a fortune, and it was the cheapest of its kind."

The eevee frowned at the stone. "But it won't make me an espeon." She dropped the gift to the ground and calmly left for her room. She had become slightly less enthusiastic about the entire thing. And if becoming an espeon required patience...She didn't want to do it.

But....jolteons weren't cute! Their fur was pokey and prickly, surely not easy to brush. And such a bright yellow would be hard to buy clothing for. They were for eevees who wanted to become quicker, and...she realized That's exactly what she wanted. She didn't want beauty. She wanted speed. To become faster. And now...she could do just that.

It took a few days after thanking her father, but Ariana finally mustered up the courage to use the thunderstone.

Ariana began training herself for fitness. Jogging from Twinleaf to Eterna and back, lifting weights....Her care for fashion faded completely. This jolteon took one year to feel completely satisfied. Though...She still had a rather large ego problem. So, a new gift from her father appeared for her 17th birthday.

"Dad...The hell's Armonia?"

Summary characteristic: Likes to run.

- Running
- Bragging
- Working out
- Eating (she'll never turn down a single meal!)


- Quick Attack
- Shock Wave
- Tackle
- Bite


- Ariana is really impatient. She talks fast, thinks fast, and cuts people off a lot of the time. Therefore she is intolerant to the hesitant and the quiet.
- She really loves bragging about her speed. She will laugh at you if you so much as eat slow.
- Though she is not exactly into fashion anymore, she still knows a few tidbits.
- If she had a'd probably be Gilda's from My Little Pony. |'D
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LunachiMelochi Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
she's freaking cute and adorable~ ;A:
also I loved your style x3
sweetkimothy Sep 10, 2012  Student Filmographer
What a cutie! :D Congrats on getting in!
Congratulations on getting in. I'm eager to see how this jolteon interacts with the other Pokemon in Armonia. =3
Venomouswolf Sep 8, 2012  Student Filmographer
Aaaah I love Jolteons ; 3;
and she's wonderful aaah~! (I could totally imagine that voice for her haha~!)

((would it be alright if I draw her |D; ))
kslfhsgj ohhhhmygosh thank you! ;O;

Is the sky blue? Go right on ahead! 8D
Feral-Death Sep 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist


Welcome to Armonia XD
:iconur2slowunleashedplz: YOU'RE TOO SLOW.

Hee heee, thank yo~
Terrakiion Sep 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh, how adorbs! My sassy Linoone is excited to meet your sassy Jolteon. U vU Hope you're in Tesla! ;3
Oh gosh, sassy pokemon everywhere ddhfksj. We need to roleplay sometimes! And yes, turns out I am in Tesla! :>
AquaFlameBird Sep 6, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Welcome to the group! ^^
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