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October 4, 2012
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Retype Depths - New Ryth App by BatLover800 Retype Depths - New Ryth App by BatLover800
New Ryth App~ Didn't bother updating the art since she hadn't changed a whole lot in the transfer.

Name: Ryth (Rih-th)
Age: She isn't honestly sure, but she estimates that 23 would be a good number.
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Gyarados
Type: Steel/Electric
Familiar: No name. (the thought never occurred to her)
Moveset: Flash Cannon, Thrash, Thunder, Attract
Ability: Intimidate

History: As a quirky little magikarp, Ryth's schedule was pretty straightforward; Swim, eat, sleep, repeat. She was the practical everyday, garden variety fish, known in her pond as the little clown. She had no particular friends, but almost everyone in her small pond liked her.

However, this relationship hadn't stopped trainers from appearing to try their hand at fishing -- and soon her pond became just like the rest. Her schedule changed to swim, don't get caught, eat, don't get caught, sleep, repeat. And for awhile, she followed it pretty well. Ryth became one of the last magikarps in the pond, making her an easy target.

In a not-so-interesting event, Ryth eventually was caught by a not-so-interesting trainer. And for the longest while, Ryth wasn't quite sure why he was training her so roughly. When she evolved, however, it started to make sense. The happy-go-lucky magikarp had become this incredible beast, one that, she had learned, many pokemon have come to fear.

Though she wouldn't let that fact get to her...!

Ryth still acted like her dopey and clown-ish self to her teammates, albeit by destroying a few trees and boulders in the process due to her size. But it was okay as long as others would laugh....Which is why Ryth became confused when they didn't. They mostly just looked at her with confusion, as though the Gyarados had lost her mind. Genuinely hurt by this, Ryth became rather soft spoken, often holding herself back when battling. Her trainer constantly yelling at her to step it up didn't help any further.

Eventually Ryth had been released into a large lake, to live out the rest of her life alone....supposedly.

There were some incredibly vicious pokemon in this territory of the water. At first, they had kept their distance from the upset-looking gyarados, knowing that gyarados could be dangerous. But eventually they had commenced attacking to defend their territory.

And undertrained Ryth became hurt. Badly. Not exactly wanting a fight, Ryth only bothered to try escaping, soon finding a place to rest and lick her wounds. Whilst she rested, She started to think back on everything that had happened to her in the past months. Dragged from her home, mentally and physically changed against her will, released back into the wild, hurt for seemingly no reason....

Ryth had no clue what to think next, but soon her thoughts became scrambled, merged, melding into rage. She became angry, annoyed, her jaws finally getting the real urge to bite and never let go. Without a second thought about letting her wounds heal, the gyarados swam out, barreling towards anything that would possibly move.

Ryth tore up a good percentage of the area and its pokemon, blowing all her energy out in the process. She became tired, allowing herself to float peacefully to the bottom of the lake. Absolute confusion clouded her mind, her not being exactly sure where she was or what she had just done. Slowly her world faded to black.

....And once it faded back, Ryth had woken up on a street, buildings seemingly touching the sky. She began trying to function, her mind wanting to move her arms, but her body kindly refusing. She felt....stiff.

She tried calculating her possible location, but came up with nothing. She figured as much, having no knowledge of the place. When finally, a metal creaking erupted from behind her, Ryth's body immediately responded and she whipped around to find....a gigantic metal beast. A gyarados...?

Then she'd finally taken a look at herself, namely her new hands.


Her time on Cannvi might not have been long, but Ryth actually managed to learn much. She met Derpy the Magikarp, gaining a toxic flower in the process. She met Cassy the Milotic, who learned her on reading (Her favorite book is now the Torkoal and the Buneary.). She also met Rudey the Toxicroak for a short moment in the hot springs. She had not completed her entire analysis of Cannvi, and never scratched the surface on humans. In the middle of her analysis of the Frosty Forest, the island itself seemingly disappeared and forced her into immediate shutdown.


When she'd started back up, Ryth took a moment to begin processing once more. She immediately began trying to find out where she was by searching her memory banks for a Cannvi location she had, but found nothing familiar. For awhile she believed this was still Cannvi, but went to the assumption that it was simply a location she had not yet seen.
But a bit of exploration later, and Ryth found no sign of Cannvi. What's more, the immediate shutdown she faced scrambled with some of her storage data, making her lose some of her memory on various things she HAS learned. Even more confused than before, Ryth decided upon putting herself into hibernation mode to see if she could recover some of the data lost in the transfer.

Ryth now lies behind the hospital in Meloxi, appearing as nothing more than scrap metal.

Personality: Ryth doesn't have a particulary good understanding on how human emotions are supposed to work, therefore acts somewhat emotionless herself. She is often confused when someone displays a wide variety of emotions, but she will hesitate to ask a question about it. She might try to emulate what another person is doing in attempt to fit in, but more than likely she will make herself look rather foolish.


- It is worthy to note that Ryth learns by observation and analysis. She knows nothing of humans, locations or even how to read. That includes not knowing right from wrong...Ryth can become good or evil depending on what she learns.
- Without close inspection, it's rather hard to tell whether Ryth is actually robotic or not, but she certainly seems so.
- She lacks understanding of anything that doesn't have wires and cables attached to it somehow. Though she does seem to understand other steel types better.
- The red-orbed 'tail' protruding from the back of her head is sharp on the ends, so be careful!
She has a really interesting story and I can't help but love her retype version >v< all those pretty orbs oAo
Poor girl though, laying there with no-one to care about her or anything ;v;
Really nice job, I really like her :3 Maybe we could rp sometime..?
Sorry for the late reply! ;A; I can't thank you enough for such a nice comment!

Sure we can RP sometime! I'm always open to them. >v<
And I'll have to give you the same apology TTuTT Sorry!!!
Though you're most welcome!

I'd love to!!! :3 Notes orr any other thing? xD
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